Episode 187

⭐Demon's Souls ⭐Translations Errors and Corrections ⭐Part 1⭐


December 18th, 2020

1 hr 23 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

TSC187. Today we sit down with Lokey and go over some wrong translations in demons souls, and clear some some misconceptions. We also talk about the Nexus, we show lands on a map, we talk about the meaning of Demons and Souls. We explain the old one and what it is. And we cover the timeline, the eras and how much time has passed between each event. This is Part 1
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🌻Big thanks to Lokey for coming on again!
Lokey's Twitter: https://twitter.com/lokey_ds
Lokey's Email: darksoulslokey@gmail.com
Lokey's Translation Post:https://www.reddit.com/r/demonssouls/comments/8publf/what_you_didnt_know_masterpost/
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Table of Contents
0:00 TSC
2:10 Descriptions and Translations: The Lore
3:10 Translations: Title of the game. What's a soul? What's a demon?
11:40 The Old One. How to become a demon.
17:46 The World. Who's God? Who's the Old One?
27:39 God Left Humanity a Choice. Northern Regalia misconception. Friend's and Foe's ring. The Old One is The Old Beast.
33:29 The 3 Eras of Demons Souls. Timeline. (Mention of Big M)
41:41 The land and era of the Monumentals. Their rule.
45:00 Nodes. Archstones. Fog.
1:00:46 What is part of Boletaria? Are the archstones holding Northern Boletaria together?
1:04:10 Demon's Souls world on a map. Geography of various areas.
1:15:46 The Monumentals. What does the word mean, who are they, why are they. Powering the Nexus. It's like the Matrix.
1:20:23 What is the nexus.

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