Episode 261

⭐ Everything about Manus | Dark Souls Lore: Manus Father of the Abyss | Story Explained ⭐


September 7th, 2021

1 hr 7 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

TSC261 Aesir, Sophie and Sin talk about Manus. We will talk about the queens of Dark Souls 2 in later podcast!
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🌻 Big thank you to Aesir for coming on!
Aesirs game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i5SbHFnbcc

🌻 Reborn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nebO6jwGFY4
🌻 Prepare to Lore series
🌻 Soulsborne Rediculore
🌻Holdsy (Pixel Animation): https://twitter.com/Holdsworthands
🌻 Ike (Logo): https://twitter.com/ikebreak
🌻 Chibis: Wayne https://twitter.com/Onsideseven
🌻 Intro Music: Up in my Jam
🌻 Notes of Sophie: The Beauty of Love - Aakash Gandhi
🌻 Notes of Sin: Mob Battle Silent Partner
🌻Note of Nostradamus: Wrath_of_a_God by Doomkitty
🌻 Note of Ebrooitus: [No Copyright Music] Sparks - Chaël
🌻 Other notes: Truth of the Legend Kevin MacLeod (No Copyright Music)
🌻 Background: The golden present- Jesse Gallagher
🌻Intro: Snow Dancer Roa (No Copyright Music)
🌻Intro: New Day Tokyo Music Walker (No Copyright Music)
🌻Background The Golden Present - Jesse Gallagher
🌻Some Notes: Time Goes By (feat. Joanna Pastel) - Declan DP [Audio Library Release] Free Copyright-safe Music c
🌻 Dark Souls Playthrough : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UymxA8JGPKM
http://www.longplays.org Played by: Spazbo4
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